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What is Xstreamer?

Xstreamer™ is more than just a set top TV box it is a Smart TV Box that entertains you with Great Movies and TV shows. It's a powerful android based entertainment platform that connects your TV to the World and takes your home entertainment system to a new level. Surf the internet, run Cloud Based computer programs, Watch thousands of movies, TV shows, Play games, Post to your favorite social sites and Listen to music. It's like turning your TV in to a giant Powerful Android Computer Tablet. In addition Xstreamer is a complete Karaoke platform that combines State of the Art hardware and a data base of millions of Karaoke songs even in multiple languages.

Streaming TVSmart TV

Turn any HDTV in to a Smart TV and watch thousands of movies, TV shows, surf the internet and access your favorite social sites. Use our exclusive app with Miracast™ technology to wirelessly stream content from your Smart Phone, iPad, iPhone, Laptop or other networked device to your TV.

Android TVAndroid TV

Xstreamer™ uses a powerful dual-core Cortex processor coupled with the Android Jelly Bean operating system to get you quickly connected to the internet, download applications, play games and keep you connected to what really matters.

Internet GamesInternet Games

Play your favorite internet games right on your TV or Stream them right from your mobile phone or tablet device and play it on your home theater system. The choice is yours and Xstreamer™ makes it easy!


Installation Easy as 1-2-3

Xstreamer works by connecting to the internet thru your home network, then connects to your HDTV through an HDMI cable. Optionally it can also be connected to your home stereo or home theater system with standard RCA audio cables. Unlike other electronics, for your convenience all the cables you need are included with the Xstreamer.


What Can I Watch with Xstreamer?

It's probably more of a question of what can't I see with Xstreamer,™ if you have not experienced Smart TV before, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The internet is chocked full of Streaming movies, TV shows, News, Sports and Short Videos, literally 1,000s of channels of programming from companies like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, ESPN, FOX, Amazon instant video, Google You Tube and so many more it is impossible to list them all! Xstreamer™ brings it all to your living room simply and affordably.

Xstreamer™ is Karaoke on Steroids

Just like TV and Movies, there are almost unlimited choices for Karaoke. Millions of songs complete with lyrics and even in multiple languages are available for free! Add to that Xstreamer's State of the Art Karaoke hardware and you have a combination that will have you singing for joy!


There are No Hidden Costs

With Xstreamer there are no monthly or hidden fees, buy it and enjoy all the free shows, movies, karaoke, games and more that are available on the internet. You may already be paying a fee or have a subscription to premium content, like Netflix, Hulu Plus or HBO and possibly others, with Xstreamer.™ you can access and enjoy all of that too!

No Fees Buy Smart TV

Karaoke Xstreamer Style

Xstreamer™ is more than a simple Karaoke machine, it is a powerful All-In-One Karaoke Platform that integrates Hardware and Virtually Unlimited Software choices with the power of Android Computing and Personal Device Connectivity. Two quality Microphones are included so you can sing Solo, Duet or in Groups, the choice is yours!

Music In AdvancePick Songs In Advance

Use your Mobile Phone or Tablet to pre-select a karaoke song of your choice and then play it when the current singer is done. This will add more fun to your Karaoke experience so you are not needlessly waiting for the next person to find and pick a song! You can even make a play list and have it ready to go when you are!

Best Karaoke AppsKaraoke Apps

Download Karaoke Apps free from Google Play or get them from the Apple Store to unlock even more entertainment options. There are apps to enhance voice, change tempo, mix, reverberate, add instruments and more literally hundreds of apps are available for your Karaoke enjoyment thru your portable device.

All In One KaraokeUltimate Karaoke

Not just a state of the art Karaoke Machine it adds an almost limitless song list of Karaoke titles including song lyrics. Maybe you could be the next American Idol or get discoverd on the voice. Record your songs and share them with friends on YouTube or facebook, Xstreamer makes it easy. Try that with another Karaoke Machine


Free Training and Fitness Routines

Xstreamer™ delivers Streaming Internet Fitness and Training Routines right to your living room! Wether your are a Novice, a Fitness Guru or just need to shave a few pounds, there are plenty of free streaming fitness routines available with Xstreamer. Access thousands of YouTube video routines, favorites on Pinterest, music workout playlists or more structured fitness programs from channels like BodyRock, DoYogaWithMe, iTrain, Changing Shape, GiamTV, Train with Me Online, Runners World TV and so many more it is impossible to list them all!

Free Fitness Routines Free Fitness Apps

Android Home Theater PC

Xstreamer™ The Android Karaoke Smart TV Box is like a Mini PC. Running Google's Android Jelly Bean Software and powered by a dual-core Cortex processor, it will turn your Home Theater in to the ultimate multi-media gateway! Run apps from open source developers that make Cloud Based Computing simple and straight forward, surf the net and access your favorite social media platforms, it's all possible with Xstreamer. With 4 GB of memory and 1 GB of ram it will play your favorite movies and TV shows in full 1080p high definition resolution. In addition it will interface with all of your other networked devices and computers allowing them to stream content directly to your TV.

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