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We are currently working to create meaningful accessories that will enhance your experience with the Xsteamer! Here you will find accessories that make locating the best Karaoke songs easier which will make the Karaoke Machine easier to use. There are also accessories that will make Android TV or Computing much faster.
As we finish each of them we will put them on this page with complete discriptions and buying links. We have created this page in order to demonstrate our continuing commitment to the Xtreamer and to make your experience the best it can be! Below are just a few of the great products we are currently working on!

Wireless Microphones
The Xstreamer already includes two very high quality microphones, we feel it will greatly enhance your personal entertainment experience to offer Wireless Microphones for the Karaoke Machine. These will be easily passed from singer to singer to make sure everyone can be a star!

Bluetooth Keyboard with Track Ball
While we do include a very compact wireless keyboard remote combination, some may prefer our optional wireless keyboard with touchpad. This is sure to make locating Karaoke Songs or Surfing the Internet with the Android TV Computer even easier.

Musical Insturment Interface
Perhaps you play an insturment when you sing or just like to play along with the band. Our optional Musical Insturment Interface will allow you to plug in and play along with the music or just create your own, either way this is sure to be a great addition to your home entertainment system.

Music Recording
Record and save your sessions with an add on recording module. What a great way to share your best preformances or even your not so best!

Internet Game Console Controler
Xstreamer does come with a wireless remote that will control internet gaming however we are working on a gaming remote that will enhance your internet gaming experience even further.

DJ Mixer
Now take your Karaoke or Insturment sessions to a different level with a DJ Mixer, mix your voice with the original singer, mix your background vocals, your guitar solo or create your own unique blend of Karaoke.

Additional Accessories
We are commited to building a world class entertainment platform for Xstreamer™ and will continue our efforts to develop exciting new accessories to support the product.

Thank You!



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