Trouble Shooting and Support for Xstreamer

The most common issues customers have encountered with this streaming tv box are listed below. In addition we have included links and tutorials for uncommon problems you may be having including links to instructions manuals and firmware updates. We hope that this helps you resolve any issues you may encounter however if not please contact us for further assistance.

1 - No Picture on the TV

Check to be sure the HDMI cable is securely connected to the TV and Xstreamer.

Check if you have selected the correct HDMI input on your HDTV.

Make sure that Xstreamer is turned on.

2 - Xstreamer will not power on

Check to be sure the power connector is completely plugged in to the Xstreamer box.

Check to be sure the Power Supply is plugged in to a working power outlet.

Check to be sure the AC power outlet is not plugged in to a switched outlet (wall on/off switch)

As a last resort press the reset button located on the rear of the device

3 - Cannot connect to a Network

If using a network Ethernet cable make sure it is securely connected and that you have connectivity on other devices, say a laptop computer.

If connecting to a Wi-Fi network make sure you have the network name and security key entered correctly. Remember sometimes 1's look like L's and o's look like 0's

Make sure your IP address settings are correct.

Wi-Fi may be out of range however if both Wi-Fi and LAN (Ethernet) are available keep in mind that you can only use one connection. If both the LAN (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi are connected the device will say Wi-Fi not in range.

4 - Can’t download video/audio/pictures etc., and shows “SD card is full”

Make sure you are connected to the internet

Make sure any Cloud Computing Files are allowed to be saved locally

Delete any unnecessary or unwanted files

Insert a new mini SD card with more memory

5 - No Sound or Low Volume

Check that the speakers and amplifier are working properly.

Check that the volume of your X- Streamer is turned up.

Check to make sure your X- Streamer has been muted.

Check to make sure the Audio cables are properly connected.

Download User Manuals, Firmware Updates and More

If you have lost your manual click here to download a replacement

Keep your Android Powered PC TV box up to date!
As we release new versions of software you can update your device here.

Any Extras or updates that may enhance the Xstreamer will be available here.

If you need to re-install the basic software use this link to Download on to the device or Portable USB drive and launch!

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